Friday, May 29, 2009

‘The reign of error’

All bad things must come to an end, and King Nelson is retiring as editor of “The Philalethes,” the bi-monthly journal of unctuous opinion that suffered long and needlessly under His Highness’ rule.

This is the first necessary step that the Philalethes Society must take if it is to regain whatever credibility is possible. (Actually, it has been explained to me that Nelson hasn’t truly been the editor for a number of years, and that there is someone on the payroll who does the work of a managing editor, but still it is necessary to separate his name from the voice of the society.)

My advice, which I admit is worth zero, is for the society to lose its tired, exaggerated sense of self-importance, to economize financially (and they know what I mean here), to find a new voice and a solid purpose, and to meet the expectations of the 21st century Freemason in North America. I don’t envy Terry Tilton, the current president, and I wish him lots of luck. He needs it.


Enilk said...

As a long time member of the Society, I personally will miss Bro. King's viewpoint on things Masonic. And while I did not always agree with him, someone must always present alternative view on topical questions of the day in order for our craft to survive and prosper. Simply accepting the "Grand Lodge" opinion in all matters is a greater error than posing alternative answers. Every Mason should be able to arrive at his own conclusion and unless men like Nelson King are free to express their viewpoint then no man can make a truly informed decision.

Magpie Mason said...

The purpose of the Philalethes Society was to bring to light truth by conducting diligent research and presenting quality facts and findings, because the grand lodge system was not providing that kind of academic work.

It was not the purpose of the Philalethes Society to put every anti-establishment figure on a pedestal, or to contort the virtue of charity by sending sundry supplies to Communist Party officials in Cuba, or to be the personal plaything of any one man.

Evidently, hope and change are on the way. I wish the rescuers all the best.