Wednesday, December 31, 2008

‘On the go in Stillwater’

Guildhall Lodge No. 553 in Stillwater, Oklahoma is a little outside the Magpie Mason’s orbit, but he has long wanted to visit the Valley of Guthrie, so maybe he’ll get there eventually.

The lodge has a busy year planned for 2009. Many thanks to Bro. Robert Davis, one of the founders of this Traditional Observance lodge, for sharing this information. Here is the lodge’s education agenda:

January – “Out of the Crucible: from the Reformation to the Age of Enlightenment”

February – “The First Recorded Freemasons, and Rosicrucian History”

March – Festive Board

April – “Sacred Space and the Lodge: A Footprint of Sacred Geometry”

May – “Current Global Trends in European Masonry”

June – Festive Board

July – “Comparing Practices of Kavvanah to Practices of the T.O. Lodge”

August – “C... K... Qabalah and Hermetic Philosophy”

September – Festive Board

October – “Alchemy: Spagyric Tincture Lodge Experiment”

November – “Jungian Psychology and Esoterica 101”

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