Saturday, October 4, 2008

Rose Circle, Part I

The long-awaited conference of the Rose Circle Research Foundation was held today at the GL of NY in its ornate Chapter Room.

When enough of the mass of knowledge and culture enjoyed this afternoon has been processed in my head, I'll try to summarize it here for you.

In the meantime I tease you with a single rare glimpse into deeply esoteric territory. Don't tell no one you saw this.

This unauthorized photo captures a moment of sublime truth at the heart of a particularly poignant ritual.

Some background

As is always the case, there are layers of meanings communicated by what the physical senses merely perceive. Here, what appears to be a cookie in the hand of the aspirant is a symbolic representation of something I can't really tell you about. Suffice to say this baked delicacy was smuggled from Germany (the homeland of CRC) by Oliver K. for the use of a Past Supreme Magus.

Denied even to one of the world's foremost esoteric scholars, this ritual wafer was at last obtained by our aspirant, named Unus Multorum, after enduring numerous trials of fortitude, including the ritual smearing of oil-based paint onto various areas of his $4,800 H. Huntsman pinstripe.

The disembodied hands (note the scarlet cuffs) of the Muskrat at left are eternal reminders of one's need to be ever vigilant against the unexpected, be it an uninitiated innocent or an outright malicious ruffian.

But I'd better not reveal any more.

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